Photos by Kotama Bouabane

My photo-based art practice is approached in an experimental ethnographic context. Iā€™m interested in how specific cultures are constructed by investigating people, places and things through photography and images. I like to explore how images are presented and circulated and how this influences our perception of identity and location. The research that I conduct begins with personal experiences but also references the history and theory of photographic conventions both traditionally and contemporary. Truth and fiction are inherent within the nature of the photographic medium and my work aims to blur the line between the two.

Kotama Bouabane has an MFA in Studio Arts, Photography from Concordia University, Montreal and a AOCAD from OCAD. His work has been exhibited in many galleries including Centre A (Vancouver), The New Gallery (Calgary) and Erin Stump Projects (Toronto). He has received many awards and grants from the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council & the Canada Council for the Arts. He lives and works in Toronto.